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Found a great little Veronica Mars fic set during the scene where they danced to "Sway"

It's not very long but I really like it, I think the way she writes Logan's thoughts is great. Let me know what  you think.

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I really liked that too--his thoughts were really well articulated, and sounded just like him.

Just seen that she has another one called cookie Dough which is set at time of their graduation also short but sweet :)

That one is cute, but not nearly as good as the "Sway" fic!

I agree :)
Are you writing any fics at the moment? Did any of the challenges take your fancy?

Yeah, I took one of the prompts that someone left in the free-for-all--"eg, Veronica/Logan, post season 1, What if Meg had played matchmaker and gotten Veronica and Logan back together?" I think Logan's going to convince Meg not to go on the bus field trip and then I'll go on from there. :)

Cool I'll look forward to it.

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