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The agony of writing academic essays again.

I feel that I am too old for this shit. I last studied in 2000, and now I am being made to do a professional qualification at MA level and it's doing my  head in. I have just adjusted to working part time again, and for the most part I like that. The kids are not so keen, but they've had me all to themselves for 5 years, now it's my time..
I really want to spend the time when I am not working, with my family, with my boys. I really resent having to clositer myself away in my study and read very boring text books, in order to write an essay. We have also just two gorgeous kittens from the RSCPA, who I want to spend time with, they are called Sam and Silke. (pronounced Silker)

I'm scared I'm going to fail, and I just don't feel that I have enough time to devote myself to this course in the way that I should in order to ensure that I pass. But it's not optional, I have to do it, in order to get back to where I was in my career pre kids, and work are insistent that I do it. For all that us women have moved on in the last few decades, having children (don't get me wrong I love mine to bits) is always going to hinder us professionally. Maybe I will never get back to where I was, do I even want to?

And of course all this studying is taking time away from my favourite programmes! Finally saw Dexter, having spent the whole of season 4 regretting accidently seeing a spoiler for the finale. That programme is amazing, incredibly disturbing though, we always have to psyche ourselves up for viewing it, but then end up doing a marathon of recorded episodes, as it's just so fantastic, does any one else do that with Dexter? Or another programme?

Have just started watching The Walking Dead the jury is out, but so far I'm am staying with it. I like to see another British guy in the lead role, us Brits are just so damn talented!! Still liking the Mentalist too, I know it's incredibly formulaic, but it makes me laugh. And we have now watched Season 2 of Leverage which just gets better and better, so I may well be able to start to read some fan fiction soon, yay!

Well I've had my little rant, now guess what, I've got to go back to working on my essay.....

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I hear you on the studying. I'm in the process of completing a masters degree in Education and it's driving me insane. Keep the end game in mind. That's what I do to keep me motivated when I just feel like giving up.

And Dexter!!! I refuse to read spoilers because it does ruin the show for me. And especially the finale of season 4. AHHHH! That came out of nowhere and was such a mind fuck.

This is why I don't understand my friends who say, "Oh, it would be so nice to go back to school!" I think they're just thinking about the reading and learning part, and not about the big projects and deadlines! Best of luck with yours.

Glasheen, Right will keep end game in mind, check. Have done another torturous 200 words between now and last post, so little steps and all that.It' also meant I haven't kept up to date with your WIP, but I'll save the last few chapters for after my deadline.
Celtic, I think your friends might be missing old student days where they didn't have kids, or responsibilities, with all of those things in place, it's much tougher, as you say it's the deadlines that sting.

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