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Can't wait...

For True Blood Season 3 to start here in the UK. I have my eye on some fan fic   I've had to wait to read them in case of spoilers. I have heard that Season 3 is viewed more favourably with season 2. Any opinions on this?
Also watched the first episode of Glee S2 a few days ago, I love that show, but am hearing that it's going down the toilet? Come on my American viewing friends, let me know your views, without given any plot away of course.

For any one who is interested, I'm still doing my MA. My first essay mark was a bit lack lustre, but come on it's been years since I last studied. I did have an important meeting today, and the feedback about my progress with my key skills was pretty good. I just can't help wondering whether I want to spend the rest of my working life (and lets face it, that's now extended) being a social worker. Any good things about the job, are being taken away. I'm underpaid and underappreciated.  I have to cope with the stress of dealing with with suicidal people. And the anxiety I will call it wrong, and some one will die. Argh.

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Hmm...the problem with Glee...

I think the main problem this season is that the stories are being twisted about to fit the musical numbers when it should be the other way around. There was some of that last season, but it's more so this season. For example, the Britney Spears episode made NO freaking sense--just an excuse to cram a bunch of her songs into an episode and to have Heather Morris show her kickass dance moves.

On the other hand, they're doing a great job of showcasing some of the characters other than just Rachel, Finn, and Mr. Shue--we're seeing more of Santana, Britney, Artie, and Mike Chang, which is all good. And Chris Colfer is just kicking ass every which way, no matter what the story is that he's given.

PS--as for True Blood, I think that s2 and s3 both have their pros and cons, but the main thing s3 has going for it is lots of shirtlessness from this guy:

Glee has definitely gone downhill this season. Saying that, I still wouldn't miss it for the world.

And you're a social worker? That must be such a difficult job. I can only imagine the decisions you're faced with on a daily basic.

And going back studying is so hard. I had forgotten all the basics of academic writing as it had been almost ten years since I left college and even the simple act of creating a bibliography takes me a ridiculous amount of time. It gets easier.

I can see how Glee could end up down that road, it always had that potential. I'm glad that all the other characters are getting a chance to shine though, I think Kurt is just brilliant. The pg bits that I have shown to my 7 year old son, have turned him into a committed Kurt fan :) I take it that the hottie, is a wolf? Maybe Alcide? As you can see I have read all the books.
Yep, I'm a psychiatric social worker for my sins, and it's not a good time to be a social worker, although there probably is never a good time. We deal with a high level of risk and managing that risk on a daily basis, so it's pretty wearing. If I remember right you're a teacher, which has it's own stresses I'm sure.
As for the studying, it's very hard. I resent this course so much. Athough I'm by far the loudest most opinionated student on it, the others are good little first time students of the Mental Health Act, not trouble makers like me!!

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