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Just to let people know, in case any of you were wondering, I've been in hospital
I'm out now as you can tell, but I came down with this massive infection in my leg, Cellulitus I think it's called. My lymph nodes popped up and were the size of lemons in my groin, so walking was difficult, and my leg became red and hot (not in a good way) The Doctors said they didn't know why it happened, they said it was one of those odd things.
So I am now back at home although still off work, slowly recovering. I have a job interview on Friday, which is scarey, I hate interviews at the best of times, will let you know how it all goes.

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Yikes! I was just thinking this morning that you hadn't posted in a while. I'm glad everything turned out OK.

Good luck at the interview!

Wow, sorry. I hope you feel all better soon, and good luck with the interview!

Thanks both of you, feeling substantially better today. So am hoping that I will be alright for interview, but dreading it..
I missed how you did in your interviews annie, hope they went okay

Oh, man!! *hugs* That sounds like it's really painful! I'm glad you're out of the hospital but I know the healing isn't finished yet. Many wishes for a speedy recovery.

Good luck with the interview, too : )

Thanks love is epic, thats kind of you, I'm slowly getting there.

Eesh! That sounds terrible - I'm glad to hear you are getting better and good luck with your interview. Let us know how you get on!

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