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Just in case I've been missed..........!

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say wotcha, I have recently started work again, just part time, but it has been a real effort getting myself back in the groove, not helped by the Children being ill in the first few weeks, and then me having really bad Astham as a result of getting their horrible virus.
I am enjoying working again, as a psychiatric social worker, in case people are interested in the professional side of me :) But I'm finding it hard juggling all the kid's school and leisure demands with less time at home. The house is quite simply a tip.
Another result of this is that I have been watching less TV, as well as not having so much time to devote to all your wonderful fan fic writers. I intend to try and catch up with some fics that I've notified about, in the last few weeks. I'm off tomorrow, so fingers crossed I will be able to fit some reading in, alongside housework, bleurgh!!
In TV terms, I can't wait for Chuck season 3 to start on UK screens on the 31st, I am enjoying Lost, and all the connections and tying up it's doing, I am so glad that I stuck with it. No sign of when Dexter S4 might start here, but have ended up reading a spoiler for the finale online the other day, gutted!

Hi to every one who knows me, and for all of you who quite understandably think we never have any good weather in the UK, it was 31c today, and I am loving it....

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I'm loving the beautiful weather here as well. In Ireland today we had about 26 degrees, which was amazing:)

Good on you for getting back to work, although I'd say it can't be easy trying to juggle children and the job. I'm sure it will get easier:)

And as someone who has seen Dexter season 4, I thought it was the best season yet. but I can't believe you spoiled the finale for yourself. I was literally speechless for about an hour after the credits rolled. Me and my hubby were literally like wtf?

I was so careful around the time of the finale, looking away as soon as I saw any mention of Dexter, I guess I had just relaxed my guard.
Glad you are having nice weather in Ireland too.

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