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So relieved I've finished my course, Logan's post coital expression sums it up nicely
Logan post sex and happy S£

I finished my Masters course last week, I feel like a new woman. It's such a relief to just go back to my regular juggling of work, and family :)
Work are asking me to come back full time, but think I am going to carry on part time for a while longer, feel like the boys have hardly seen me because of the course as it is.
I am stressed about the results, have this horrible feeling that I've failed, but am pushing that to the back of my mind, and just celebrating life without studying.
Does any one love the Vampire Diaries? Some of you will know that I have a bit of a thing for Vamps, but this has hooked me good. The twists and turns, and the Delena situation massages my shippers heart.
Also Dexter Season 5 starts in the Uk this summer, so will be girding my loins and watching again.

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Yay!!!! for finishing the masters:) What a fantastic achievement:)

and Dexter season 5 is AMAZING:) Enjoy!!!!

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